Maison Badigo by Lola Wallach

Maison Badigo is a French brand founded in 2020 by Lola Wallach. It blends her love for South America with Parisian elegance. Raised in Paris by parents and grandparents passionate about fashion and art, Lola grew up in a world where beauty and culture were ever-present.

After spending a decade organizing bespoke events in the Balearic Islands, she established Maison Badigo to honor the Andean heritage she encountered on her travels. She believes that a treasure trove of wisdom lies in the artisanal techniques handed down through generations, and showcasing this culture on the international stage has brought new meaning to her life.

Each creation tells a unique story, blending traditional craftsmanship, Lola's creativity, and her humanistic and ethical approach. To date, she has embarked on this journey alongside 50 families from indigenous communities.

Lola defines fashion in her image: radiant, deeply committed, and modern. It's a style where the magic of the Andes and pop iconography effortlessly converge.


None of Maison Badigo's creations are industrially produced. Our artisans are carefully selected for their virtuosity and dexterity, some being the last bearers of ancestral knowledge.

Our production process is meticulous, entirely manual, and its impact on the ecosystem is minimal.

Whether it's Andean wool, Alpaca, cashmere, organic cotton, or cactus fiber, Maison Badigo works exclusively with local natural materials.

In Andean culture, colors symbolize the cycles of nature and carry spiritual meaning. Each of our pieces is hand-dyed, honoring traditions. Flowers, leaves, tree bark, and insects provide palettes of green, yellow, blue, vibrant reds, and pinks.

The techniques

The materials are then handcrafted, using needles or wooden looms. Every metal piece used in our creations is hand-engraved.